Resources to support communications with residents and staff about coronavirus

01 December 2021

We’ve summarised some of the resources available from the government that housing associations can use to support their communications with residents and staff about coronavirus.

Resources on the winter vaccines campaign

There is an ongoing campaign about the benefits of boosting immunity with a variety of materials available, from social media graphics to posters.

Download these resources

Resources on behaviours

There is a short film about ventilation hosted on the DHSC’s YouTube channel that can be shared as a link wherever appropriate in emails, newsletters, and other communications materials.

In addition, there are a number of resources on autumn/winter behaviours, including posters and social media graphics.

Download these resources

Boost Day – 2 December 2021

The government are holding BOOST Day on Thursday 2 December – a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations and drive momentum around the importance of boosting immunity ahead of the festive period.

All organisations are encouraged to support the campaign where possible. You can do this through government resources, or by sharing a post that will be sent from the NHF’s social media account.