Reform of development corporations consultation response

24 December 2019

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government recently consulted on reforms to development corporations.

The consultation asked for suggestions on how to incentivise greater private sector involvement, and the powers available to different kinds of corporation.

Our response

We agree with the Government and others that development corporations can be a powerful and purposeful means to drive major development and regeneration in a variety of settings.

A number of reforms could enable more, and more effective, corporations to be established, including:

  • Greater involvement of housing associations in strategic roles, drawing on the sector’s blend of private sector status and social purpose. 
  • Development corporations need clearer and simpler access to the full range of planning powers required to plan and deliver successful places. 
  • Incentives to initiate development corporations and to fund necessary upfront investment to make them effective need to be much greater. 
  • There is a range of planning-related reforms which would apply in all areas but which could be of particular use to development corporations.

We will work with others to promote these reforms through the forthcoming planning white paper, and other means.