General election campaign: our long-term plan for housing

06 September 2023

This webinar discussed how the NHF is making the case to the government for a long-term plan for housing in the context of a general election next year.

A decent, affordable home is as essential as having clean air to breathe. It should be a right for each and every one of us, wherever we live across the country. Right now, the UK government has a long-term plan in place for space travel, action on peat and a national semiconductor strategy, but it has no national plan for housing.

At the NHF, we’re calling for housing to be a priority at the next general election, and for the next government to be ambitious, transformative and bold on solutions to end the housing crisis. That’s why we’re making the case for a long-term plan for housing, and have launched this campaign with a new report.

This webinar was chaired by Ciaran Tully, External Affairs Manager, National Housing Federation and discussed the report, shared our current political engagement work, and outlined our next steps in the run-up to the general election.


  • Tristan Carlyon, Head of Research and Analysis, National Housing Federation
  • Sarauniya Shehu, Public Affairs Manager, National Housing Federation
  • Sarah Finnegan, Head of Policy, National Housing Federation

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