How can housing associations improve health and financial wellbeing through the winter and beyond?

16 November 2021

As winter approaches, and furlough and the £20 uplift in benefits end, this webinar looked at the role of housing associations in promoting health and wellbeing alongside supporting communities facing fuel poverty and financial inclusion.

From asset management to income collection, how can social landlords take a whole organisation approach to the challenge of meeting the needs of residents? What have we learnt from working through this pandemic and trying to build back something better?

Matt Forrest discusses Home Group’s approach to tackling fuel poverty alongside Greener Futures work.

Stacey Healey from Accent Group talks about their 'More than Homes' campaign, which helps people survive food poverty this winter, and how this feeds into a wider, longer term change programme.

Chris Gent and Peter Beaumont share wdh’s organisational approach to community health and wellbeing and joint working with NHS and public health.

This webinar was recorded 16 November 2021. 


Who to speak to

Kim Long, External Affairs Manager