De-risking sites and preparing them for MMC before it’s too late webinar

15 July 2022

Housing associations and local authorities in the UK are working together to tackle the housing crisis and build homes through the use of modern methods of construction (MMC) in the social housing sector.

Building Better, backed by the National Housing Federation, is an alliance of 30 housing associations and local authorities working together to increase the use of MMC in social housing. We are offering housing associations and local authorities an opportunity to drive change in a system we know is broken.

RenKap is the first of its kind Site Investigation Platform. All site investigation surveys can be tendered, procured, instructed and managed on one platform with access to the best-vetted suppliers across the UK. They are a NHF preferred supplier and work with several housing associations across England.

In this webinar focused on MMC, hear from our three guest speakers and experts on the below topics:

  • Why de-risking at the early stages of your developments are pivotal for success.
  • What abortive costs to look out for and how to mitigate them on your projects.
  • What you need to consider at the early stages for successful MMC adoption.


  • Kerry Cole, Head of Business Development, NHF - Chair
  • Gonzalo Marquesini, Founder of Renkap
  • Alison Bennett, Development Director, Raven Housing Trust
  • Trina Chakravarti, Project Director of Building Better, NHF