Help shape our response to the government’s consultation on the implementation of plan-making reforms

07 August 2023

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) is currently consulting on the implementation of plan-making reforms, proposing alterations to the scope, design and implementation of local plans.

The proposals are part of a number of the changes to the planning system that sit within the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.

Under proposals, Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) would be required to have a simple and up-to-date local plan in place, with the guidance around local plans changing significantly. Currently, only 35% of local authorities have local plans which were implemented within the last five years. This can have negative ramifications for the delivery of housing and infrastructure.

Local plans will deal solely with localised matters, sitting alongside new National Development Management Policies, to reduce replication of policies. We expect NDMPs to be consulted on later this year. DLUHC hope that new style local plans will be adopted by the end of 2026 and that these reforms will:

  • Increase community engagement in local plan making, including across key stakeholders.
  • Reduce time spent on creating and adopting local plans, with LPAs expected to renew plans on five year cycles.
  • Shorten and simplify local plans to increase engagement and clearly set out development plans.
  • Encourage LPAs to digitise plans wherever feasible, with the intention of increasing visibility and accessibility.

Most of the measures in this consultation are likely to have the greatest impact on local authorities, however we have outlined the most relevant areas for housing associations in this briefing.

The NHF will be submitting a response to the consultation on behalf of the sector. To help shape our response, get in touch and share your views by no later than 18 September.

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