National Governance Network meeting (recorded 19 October 2021)

19 October 2021

The National Governance Network develops practical approaches to support governance professionals who are likely to be called upon to help board members and others grapple with demonstrating the organisations' values and ensuring that the values go beyond the board room and have a real impact on the culture of housing associations.

This session was joined by Ceri Victory-Rowe, Senior Consultant from Campbell Tickell who has been working with NHF to update our Code of Conduct (last reviewed in 2012) and outlines some of the thinking associated with updating the Code of Conduct and gives insight into what is likely to be included in the updated document.

Network Chair, Zoe Ollerearnshaw who has assisted in the development of the current draft code leads a number of groups examining what the best practice around the implementation of a code of conduct might look like and how this may translate into positive behaviours.

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Paul Bayly, Head of Governance and Compliance