New board member induction (May 2024)

14 May 2024

If you’ve recently become a board member in the social housing sector, this webinar summarises the role and what you need to know to fulfil your role.

Housing has become one of the most important political issues in recent years, with high expectations from the government, the regulator and the public. Housing associations are ambitious to keep providing quality homes and building great communities, but they will need brilliant board members to guide them towards their goals.


  • Ian Hill, Senior Regulatory Engagement Manager, Regulator of Social Housing
  • Ibby Ismail, Vice-chair, Mosscare St Vincent  
  • Lucy Nolan, Senior Financial Analysis Manager, Regulator of Social Housing
  • Ciaran Tully, External Affairs Manager, National Housing Federation

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Find out how we can support housing association board members to deliver for their organisations and promote excellence in the sector.

Who to speak to

Ciarán Tully, External Affairs Manager (North West)