New board member induction

09 February 2021

Housing has become one of the most important political issues in recent years, with high expectations from the government, the regulator and the public. Housing associations are ambitious to keep providing high quality homes and building great communities, but they will need brilliant board members to guide them towards their goals.

This webinar is aimed at new board members who If you’re new to the housing sector and you’d like a firmer grip on the housing world.

During this webinar, we hear from:

  • Sarah Finnegan, External Affairs Manager at the National Housing Federation, on the role of the NHF in the sector and our offer to board members
  • Karen Doran, Assistant Director Regulatory Operations at the Regulator of Social Housing, on the role of the regulator and the operating environment
  • Alison Muir, Clarion Housing Association board member reflecting on her experience of being a board member and sharing their advice for new board members.

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Who to speak to

Jess Mullins, Head of Member Relations