Political engagement toolkit

13 January 2020

Use these resources to promote #AHomeForEveryone

For the 2019 general election, we campaigned for the next government to fix the housing crisis for good.

Now that we have a new government, it’s time to raise the profile of housing and housing associations, and make sure ministers and newly elected MPs understand our work.

We’re focusing on the theme of #AHomeForEveryone. We want this positive and inclusive message to reflect housing associations’ social mission, the breadth of what we do, and the power of what we can achieve by working with the government.

So get in touch with your MPs, offer to meet them – and start spreading the word.

Explore our resources below, which cover advice and templates for meeting your local politicians, and briefings on the five big house priorities they need to know about.

Priorities for the new government

Together, we can tackle five big housing priorities.


Conservative Party manifesto

How is housing covered in the manifesto?


Invite your MP to visit

Help to build relationships with the new government and the new intake of MPs.

Letter templates

Influencing Academy

Want to sharpen up your influencing skills? Find out more about our Influencing Academy.

More information

Your MP needs to understand what you do

In order to advocate for housing associations, our MPs need to understand them.

Printable factsheet

Do you understand the housing crisis in your area?

Prepare for your MP meetings using our constituency data tool

Constituency data calculator

Our initial reaction

Kate Henderson talks about the general election result and what it means for housing associations.


"Housing can be at the heart of Boris Johnson’s vision for Britain"

Rhys Moore explains our strategy for engaging with the new government and what we need from you.


Our submission for the Budget 2020

In this Budget, the government has an opportunity to commit to the investment needed to end the housing crisis for good.


Keep us informed of your engagement with politicians

Political intelligence is crucial to the work we do.

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