Providing Housing First as a social landlord

13 August 2020

Housing First is a housing and support approach which:

  • Gives people who have experienced homelessness and chronic health and social care needs a stable home from which to rebuild their lives.
  • Provides intensive, person-centred, holistic support that is open-ended.
  • Places no conditions on individuals; however, they should desire to have a tenancy.

Given the success of the approach in sustainably rehousing people with complex needs, improving their health and wellbeing and reducing ineffective contact with costly public services, the National Housing Federation and Homeless Link are working together to explore what is needed to support the implementation of the Housing First approach by social landlords.

To accompany the publication of research by Housing First England on the importance of the landlord/support provider relationship in effective Housing First services, this webinar brings together social landlords in conversation around what has worked to make their service successful.

The webinar is chaired by Jo Prestidge of Housing First England, Homeless Link. She is joined by:

  • Martyn Hale, Director of Care and Support, Citizen
  • Stephanie Wood, Head of Supported Housing, Sovereign
  • Linda Perkins, Community Development Advisor, Golding Homes