Working together to end homelessness

08 October 2019

The Federation and the Local Government Association (LGA) have launched a joint report on how local authorities and housing associations can work together to end homelessness.

In November and December 2018 we ran a series of events across the country with LGA under the theme: ‘Working Together to tackle Homelessness’.

In this report we outline our motivation for the events, what we learned, and how we can continue the conversation of collaboration.

The report includes a number of case studies where housing associations and local authorities have successfully collaborated in our joint goal to end homelessness. They outline best practice and learnings.

As the country’s housing and homelessness crisis continues, there are key structural changes we need to see before homelessness will end. This includes the need for urgent government investment to enable housing associations and councils to build 145,000 new affordable homes a year – of which 90,000 must be social rent – a fair and effective welfare system and secure, long term funding for support and supported housing.