Business models available

Thistle have built a reputation for providing a range of market-leading insurance solutions across the social housing sector. They understand that every housing association is different, and they are flexible with the way a partnership is managed and policies are administered.

Selecting and promoting the My Home scheme for your tenants will provide tailored policies and cover, protecting you and your tenants’ individual needs and requirements. Their team are prepared to support the partnership, offering you access to a range of hassle-free business models that suit your organisation.

With Rent Model

Thistle Tenant Risks know how important a With Rent Scheme is to your tenants. A With Rent scheme (which is fully administered by you), offers peace of mind, security and comfort to your tenants and residents.

The With Rent model allows tenants and residents to select to include insurance with or alongside their rent. Administration and premium collection are handled by your organisation, giving you full control of the customer journey.

As a member of the NHF, Thistle will provide your organisation with a scheme administration manual and several training modules which will assist your key staff with the day-to-day running of the scheme. The manual will be provided to assist in the administration of the insurance related activity.

Arms Length Model

The ‘arms length’ model allows you to promote the insurance to your tenants, while the My Home team take care of the administration and premium collection. This means there is no extra burden on your housing staff. 

Marketing support and staff training are provided to your team to help raise awareness and increase tenant take-up of the scheme.

Whether you wish to administer the scheme yourselves (with rent) or would prefer an ‘arms length’ solution (Thistle Tenant Risks fully administer the scheme), Thistle would be delighted to meet with you to discuss this further.

Contact details

For more information on the My Home scheme and how it can benefit you and your tenants contact us:

  • Dean Seager, Sales & Business Development Manager– 07833 508273
  • Matthew Whatmoor-Cooke, Account Executive - 07954 142371
  • Kevin Fox – Account Executive - 01452 222053
  • Sally Alvey, Schemes Manager - 0113 733 3951

Alternatively, you can email us at