Help shape national homelessness policy by joining our member steering group

John Glenton, Executive Director of Care and Support at Riverside and Chair of NHF’s Homelessness National Group, 27 February 2020

The National Housing Federation Homelessness Steering Group, provides a platform for colleagues from across the sector to work together focusing on increasing our impact on preventing and tackling homelessness. Moving forward the group has an important role in influencing how the government and the sector responds to the increasing challenges around homeless and rough sleeping.

NHF members leading action on homelessness

The NHF’s work on preventing and tackling homelessness is led, informed and influenced by the Homelessness Steering Group. We set up this national group to reflect the importance of the ongoing work and challenges that we face as a sector on ending homelessness. The group is made up of experts from the NHF’s membership and some non-members. The group meets several times a year.

We focus on two strategic themes:

  1. Registered Provider Impact on Homelessness
  2. Policy and regulations.

The group reviews new approaches to ending homelessness, gathers sector intelligence, produces guidance for providers and shares best practice and solutions to obstacles.

Keeping homelessness on the political agenda

Homelessness is high on the political agenda at present and the need to address it is urgent. As a group we inform the NHF’s responses to government and other key stakeholders, such as supported housing needed to reduce homelessness and ways to encourage tenancy sustainment, including sustainable funding streams.

The Homelessness Steering Group puts homelessness at the heart of the NHF’s work and makes sure that it can respond to the challenges effectively, in a way that involves as many members as possible. The group provides feedback on their experiences and supports work to drive change.

Join the group

As some group members’ term has come to an end, the Homelessness Steering Group is looking to recruit four new members to continue this vital work. Applications from general needs providers are particularly welcome to increase the focus on homelessness prevention.

The deadline for applications is 11 March. I encourage you to apply to the group and be part of the movement to end homelessness.

We know that homelessness is rising across the country, but we also know that the new government has committed to ending it – now is an ideal time to join the steering group as we work together to make sure there is #AHomeforEveryone.

For an informal chat about the group and its work, feel free to get in touch with Suzannah Young, Policy Officer on the contact details below.

Download the application form or the Terms of Reference here.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader