Why we must speak out now to put #HomesAtTheHeart of the nation’s recovery

Kate Henderson, 24 June 2020

For the past few months, the coronavirus crisis has been the single most important challenge we’ve faced. Our lives have been transformed – from the people we see, to how we work, there is very little that’s been untouched.

And while it’s far from over, thoughts are now turning to the enormous task of our country’s recovery. We will need to kickstart the economy, boost employment and growth, support the health and social care system, and make sure everyone who needs it gets help and support to live well.

The government is already, rightly, planning for this recovery. With a mini-Budget expected in early July and thinking in train for a spending review in the autumn, the shape of Britain’s recovery is being drawn up right now.

Homes must be at the heart of these plans. And we must speak out now, and onwards over the summer, to build the case for why.

A new appreciation for social housing

There has already been a surge in appreciation for the kinds of things social housing is all about: community, care and support, and secure, comfortable homes that make lockdown bearable. Housing associations’ incredible work during the crisis has shown how much social housing delivers beyond the bricks and mortar.

We want this surge in appreciation for our sector’s mission to be matched with a surge of government support, so we can open up the benefits of social housing – in all its forms – to more people than ever before.

That’s why we’ve launched #HomesAtTheHeart, a national campaign and coalition calling for a once-in-a-generation investment in social housing and the people who live in it.

In partnership with the CIH, National Federation of ALMOs, Association of Retained Council Housing, and Crisis, as well as more than 60 supporters, we’ll push for ambitious action to support recovery and create a brighter, fairer future.

We’ll develop this campaign throughout the summer and autumn, with a particular focus around the spending review, and will run media stories, social media activities and targeted engagement with politicians. We can’t do this without our members, and over the summer we will be sharing more resources and asking you to help amplify this message with your local MPs, councillors and stakeholders.

At the National Housing Federation, we’ll also work with our members to build the case for our own detailed plan for recovery, with five key priorities for housing which you can read more about here.

But our work to get the #HomesAtTheHeart message out starts today – and I hope you will join us:

  • Share our campaign graphics on social media.
  • Post your support on social media.
  • Tweet your local MP about the campaign.

Find out more.

With your support, this campaign could become a real catalyst for positive change in our country. Together, we can put #HomesAtTheHeart of recovery.