Update from the regulator for smaller housing associations

01 May 2020

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has written to smaller registered housing associations to update on changes to its regulatory approach during the coronavirus outbreak.

The letter confirms that the changes to regulatory approaches previously announced to all registered housing associations are also applicable to registered housing associations with fewer than 1,000 homes.

You can read the full letter online.

Specifically, the letter outlines that their recent survey does not need to be completed by smaller organisations – the exception being those that have more than 500 homes and are also providing significant amounts of care.

However, they have stressed that all organisations, regardless of size, should get in touch if there are any difficulties they cannot resolve, if resident safety is threatened, or if viability is under strain – using their dedicated smallers email address.

Our recent webinar explored the financial and regulatory implications of the coronavirus outbreak, including business planning and end of year accounts, with a particular emphasis on information for smaller housing associations.