The affordability of private rental properties

06 October 2019

We’ve published new research revealing that 9 out of 10 homes for rent are too expensive for families on housing benefit.

Analysis of data on private rental listings extracted from Zoopla found that:

  • Only 7.54% of rental properties advertised in England are affordable to LHA claimants.
  • "Family-sized" properties, i.e. those with two or more bedrooms, are even less affordable, with only 6.5% being affordable at the relevant LHA rate.
  • Southern and Eastern parts of England are the least affordable areas.
  • In 2011, LHA was set to the 30th percentile of rents within Broad Rental Market Areas, meaning that claimants should have been able to afford 30% of the rental market in each BRMA. In 2019, the median percentage of the rental market that is affordable within a BRMA is only 5.9%.
  • Only 2.75% of rooms within shared accommodation are affordable at LHA. The shared accommodation rate is usually the only LHA rate that single people aged under 35 may claim.